Storage laboratory

COSMA includes a storage laboratory which enables various different storage technologies to be developed and built. Many of these systems are placed into production for users to use.

Data access is provided as part of this laboratory.

Snap file systems

COSMA7 and COSMA8 both contain a NVMe-based fast parallel Lustre file system developed to meet checkpointing needs. These high performance systems were some of the fastest in Europe when installed


A on-premise StorJ cloud storage system backed by 300TB storage has been developed. This system is also federated with components at Edinburgh meaning that files stored here can be split between the sites.

This provides a web interface and an object store to facilitate data sharing.


A DAOS file system has been developed using NVMe servers. This is currently only accessible on DINE.


A 1PB Ceph file system was installed (no longer in production).


A Globus endpoint exists to facilitate data transfer.


We have tape storage (26PB) managed by Atempo Miria.


We have multiple Lustre systems with a combined capacity of around 20PB.