COSMA has a number of GPU systems, which are available for use. These are:

  • Direct login

    • gn001: 10x NVIDIA V100 GPUs

    • login8b: 0-3x NVIDIA A100 GPUs (login node)

    • gn002: NVIDIA Grace-Hopper (ARM) system

    • gn003: NVIDIA Grace-Hopper (ARM) system

    • gi003: 2x Intel Ponte Vecchio GPUs

  • cosma8-shm partition

    • mad04: 0-3x NVIDIA A100 GPUs

    • mad05: 0-3x NVIDIA A100 GPUs

    • mad06: 0-3x NVIDIA A100 GPUs

  • cosma8-shm2 partition

    • ga004: 1x AMD MI100 GPU

    • ga005: 2x AMD MI200 GPUs

    • ga006: 2x AMD MI200 GPUs

  • cosma8-dine2 partition

    • gc[001-008]: 0-8x NVIDIA A30 GPUs

  • Retired

    • ga003: 6x AMD MI50 GPUs

We have 3 NVIDIA A100 (40GB) GPUs, which can be moved (by software, in seconds) between login8b, mad04, mad05 and mad06, hence the variable number above. If you have a particular requirement, please contact cosma-support. The default configuration is one GPU each in 2 of the 3 nodes and one on the login node. These GPUs are part of a composible PCIe fabric using a Liqid infrastructure funded as part of ExCALIBUR. It is a good idea to add the nvidia-smi command to your batch script so that you can check that the GPUs are present.

You can use the --include or --exclude SLURM parameters within your batch script to specify particular nodes. Or alternatively, to be given a node with a GPU (within the composable partition), you can use --constraint=gpu.

For nodes not assigned to queues (login8b, gn001), please be aware that these are shared resources and that other people may be using (or may wish to use) them.

To use some of these GPUs, you will need to be in the “video” group (use the id command to check which groups you are in). If you are not in it, but need to be, please ask.

To check that you have the correct permissions to submit to a partition, you can use the scontrol show partition=PARTITION_NAME command to see which groups are allow to submit to that partition.


The DINE2 GPU system is a composable system with up to 8 A30 GPUs per node. Currently these are static (i.e. if you require a specific GPU configuration, please ask), but eventually we hope to make it dynamic (i.e. to be able to ask Slurm to compose a system). In total, there are 8 GPUs, and these can be composed in any configuration to the 8 servers.

Each server has dual 32-core Sapphire Rapids CPUs and 2TB RAM.

To use these nodes, submit jobs to the cosma8-dine2 partition.


The Grace-Hopper nodes are currently available for direct ssh from a login node (gn002, gn003). Eventually, one will be made into a Slurm queue.

Ponte Vecchio

The Intel Ponte Vecchio node (donated by Intel) is available for direct ssh from a login node (gi001).