The Durham Interconnected Novel Environment (DINE) is a test production cluster aimed at testing different HPC, networking and storage technologies.

It is now in the second generation.

To date, it has hosted BlueField-1, Rockport and BlueField-2 technologies.


DINE2 is an 8 node cluster with dual Intel Sapphire Rapids 32-core processors and 2TB RAM. Each node has access to up to 8 NVIDIA A30 GPUs, using a CerIO composable fabric.

To submit jobs to DINE2, use #SBATCH -p cosma8-dine2.

The GPU capability is undergoing testing, and details will follow here about how to access them.


Installed in 2019, DINE was the first UK AMD Rome based production cluster.

Installed in 2024, DINE-2 hosted a CerIO composable network fabric.