Centres of Excellence

COSMA is a Centre of Excellence in several areas


In 2021, COSMA became a Dell Centre of Excellence (CoE) for HPC and AI.

The focus of the CoE is on:

  • Use of SmartNICs/DPUs in HPC for communications protocol offloads

  • Evaluation of high-speed, low-latency Ethernet technologies

  • Implementation of reconfigurable or composable architectures for HPC infrastructure


In 2022, COSMA became a CoE for Rockport (now CerIO) focussing on advanced network fabrics.

The focus of the CoE is on:

  • Evaluation of new network technologies

  • Lab and production-scale network testbeds

As part of this CoE we have deployed a production 6D Torus network on COSMA7, and a composable infrastructure system.